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Here  at Mossy Creek Rehab, our patients are our first priority.  We offer a  variety of treatments and skilled therapies to improve your rehab  experience and get you back to life sooner. ​Utilizing the most up to  date skills essential in physical therapy and making a commitment to  use proven techniques in your care.

Modality Treatments

Ultrasound... Provides two effects on the body

  1. ​The  Thermal Effect provides deep heating to soft tissues in the body,  increasing circulation to those tissues, which will aide in the healing  process and decrease pain. 
  2. The  Non-Thermal Effect introduces sound waves into the site causing  cavitation.   Cavitation is the microscopic gas bubbles around your  tissues that cause expansion and contraction rapidly.  This effect will  speed up the cellular process, improving the healing of the tissues.

Electrical Stimulation... Referred  to as E-Stim is the use of different forms of electrical current  through surface electrodes for relief of muscle spasm, pain, swelling,  and muscle re-education and strengthening.

  • TENS Transcutaneus  electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS) is used to manage acute and  chronic pain. TENS is applied to decrease your pain by placing  electrodes to your body over painful areas. The intensity of the  electricity will be set to block the pain traveling to receptors  in your brain.
  • Iontophoresis  is  used to help administer medication. This is where current pushes  various medication into your body to decrease inflammation or muscle  spasm or break up calcium deposits.
  • NMES-  Neuromuscular electrical stimulation causes a muscle to contract which  will increase muscle function and the promotion of blood flow to the  area.  This type of stimulation assists in healing the muscle. 
  • Russian  Stim -  electrical stimulation causes a muscle to contract  improving the way your muscle contracts. Russian stim uses a different  form that is usually more comfortable to the patient.
  • IFC Interferential current-  Used to decrease pain and muscle spasm.

Hot/Cold Packs... Superficial  heat application relaxes tight muscles, including circulation and helps  to prepare tissues for exercise and mobilization.  Ice (cold pack)  application helps to reduce acute inflammation as the result of injury  or surgery and provides pain relief.

Traction... A  procedure that uses manual and mechanical traction to decompress the  spine to treat a variety of spinal issues such as sciatica, degenerative  disc disease, radiculopathy, herniated disc, stenosis and much more.

Manual Therapy

Kinesio Taping®... Our  therapist are  Kinesio Taping® Certified. The Kinesio Taping® Method is  a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to  facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support  and stability to muscles and joints without restricting  the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue  manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered  within the clinical setting.

GUA SHA... Is  scraping of the skin to create bruising releasing unhealthy elements  from injured areas and increasing  blood flow stimulating  the healing.

Joint Mobilization
A  form of manual physical therapy that facilitates gentle movement of  your joints in order to restore joint motion.  Goals of joint  mobilization are to reduce or eliminate joint pain, reduce stiffness,  increase range of motion and coordination.  The areas that could benefit  from joint mobilization are the neck, shoulder, wrist, spine, hips,  knees, or ankles.

Soft Tissue Mobilization... Another  form of manual physical therapy that is hands on therapy for your  muscles, ligaments, and fascia with the goal of breaking adhesions.  The  goal of soft tissue mobilization is to break down or reduce adhesions,  reduce swelling and edema, decrease pain as well as improving the range  of motion and functionality.

Exercise... Using  various methods of exercise the therapist can transform weak muscles  into stronger muscles.  Using elastic bands, free weights, treadmill,  bike and manual pressure strength gains can be achieved.

Balance and Falls Prevention

Balance and Falls... Here  at Mossy Creek Rehab we utilize the Humac Balance System from CSMI  Solutions. This system uses a computerized force plate platform to  detect changes in weight shift and compares values to normal subjects  data.  

Vertigo... Our  therapist are trained in treating vertigo. We use manual treatments  called Epley Maneuver which is sequential movement of the head into four  positions staying in each position for approximately 30 seconds.  Vertigo is usually treated in our office in 2 or 3 visits. 


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